Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Addison's Birth Day Book

Shutterfly was giving away 20-page hard covered photo books so I hurried and made one from the day of Addison's birth. I haven't decided what company I like best, but I am leaning towards blurb for price reasons. I haven't been ambitious enough to make our family book - nor decided the best way to do it because we have thousands of pictures from the past year.

So for now, 20 free pages and a preserved and cherished memory is good for me.

Click here to view this photo book larger

If you have any suggestions about making a family book I would love to hear them...Do you make one for each child? Do you make the book by year? By event? How do you pick what to put in the book when you are a prolific blogger? Thoughts?


mj4toty said...

As you probably know, I'm a total Shutterfly fan. I made a book (well, two books because there were just so many pictures!) just for Sam's first year. I'm planning on making a specific book for each child for their first year. And I'm doing a general family scrapbook for each year. I mostly organize the books by months. Shutterfly has just added so many cool features, and if you keep your ears open, they usually offer various discounts here and there for various holidays, etc. For example, the first book I did was around $100, including S&H. The second book was $80 with free S&H and a couple of discounts. I also plan to publish my blog each year. Maybe it's overkill, but I love having both. Btw, Super cute 1st week book that you made! It's hard to believe Addison is almost one! Time flies!

Kandis Mortensen said...

have you seen mine? I try to blog once a week and then print the book from blurb every January as a Christmas gift to myself:)
I also have birth books for each boy with pics of them a few weeks old and their baby blessing... it's a start!

Tyson Gerber said...

I'm totally loving blurb. I've actually used them to "slurp" my blog and make it into a book. It's great!


McDorky said...

I am using Shutterfly and LOVE it. I have used pretty much every site out there including Blurb and iPhoto (for various classroom books the kids write) and Shutterfly is the most user friendly AND has the most customizable options! I am working on Noah's first year book currently. After the first year we will probably just do a family book every year until we have another baby, when he or she will get their own separate first year book like Noah's. The cost is worth it to me!