Monday, June 13, 2011

Amazing Deuter Kid Comfort

We bought a hiking pack for Addison and it is AWESOME! Up until now we have carried her in the Baby Bjorn and the sling, but she is big enough that we needed something different for this summer. I have tried to take pictures of me carrying her in it, but just need to get Oliver to take them. Here is what it looks like empty...

We have broken it in for several different things: mowing the lawn, cleaning the church, cooking dinner, and hiking. We went on a hiking adventure up Butterfield Canyon - but the camera battery was DEAD - yes that's my nightmare! I try to remember that life is more about having lasting memories then documenting every detail of life on film, but I just can't grasp that very well.

We did a lot of research and like the Deuter Kid Comfort II the best because it has it's own hydration pack and a pouch big enough the carry all the baby stuff needed (the other person carries the lunches). The pocket is big enough for diapers/wipes/baby jacket/snacks/etc. We also purchased the sun/rain shade thing and like it better than some models because it cinches down instead of having four posts. If you've done much research into kid carriers you have realized that it is a total racket! Holy expensive!

After searching the web/ebay/craigs list/etc I found that I couldn't save much money buying anywhere other than REI. We are loyal to REI because they take things back after years if it's not working. For instance, they took back my chacos when the straps broke after having worn them for 3 years - they prorated my refund and I got a little money back to buy new ones (I wish chaco would make church shoes and then I wouldn't need anything else - my life has been bliss since they came out with a winter shoe!). They have the best return policy and if you are going to invest a lot of money on something then I want to know that I can try it and still return it if I hate it! Costco and REI have the best return policies - hands down - but that is not the point of this post :)

The cheapest way to get the pack we did is wait for a 20% off coupon to REI and apply last years dividend :) It made it slightly more affordable. The best part is that Addison loves to be in it! She can see the world and at least her little chunkiness is better distributed...

Let's just not focus on how my legs felt like jelly after hiking straight up-hill for about a mile...I then passed her to her dad because either she is a little chunk or I'm out of shape...drawing a conclusion isn't necessary - thanks though.


kirsten.brooke said...

My hubby and his brother would spend their entire paychecks in REI if me and my SIL allowed them.

I'm certain it was the weight of the new pack...and the fact that you were going straight up. That would make anyone huff!

Emily said...

This pack looks so cool! REI is awesome. I hope we can go hiking with Addison sometime!