Monday, June 4, 2012

Dairy/Gluten Free Whip Cream

There were early days in this pregnancy that I would have rather been dead than pregnant.  Might sound dramatic - but it seriously felt like that.  I think it was worse because I couldn't just lay around and puke all day - I had to be chasing after Addison and keeping her entertained (and puking in between).  The saving grace is that for the first 4 months I was pregnant Addison was still napping twice a day and that helped immensely!  

My sister came out to mop my floors one day and make us dinner!  She made dairy/gluten free whip cream that we ate with peaches.  Addison loved it!  After we finished dinner and she ate some peaches I let her finish the whip cream...she was in heaven.  YUM!

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