Monday, June 4, 2012

Working in Oregon

Addison and I spent three weeks in Oregon from the end of March - Easter.  Other than visiting family, we helped my mom empty her attic and garage - sort through all her things - and then put back what she wanted to keep.  Addison was still napping twice daily and going to bed at 7 which allowed us a lot of time to work - but she also helped and played outside when the weather was nice.  One of her favorite things was pushing her baby around the driveway in a stroller just her size!  Addison loves to push her stroller but she isn't very able because it is just too big - this was the perfect solution.

This is Addison and me sorting hangers.  Not always exciting work - but it all needed to be done and small children have an enthusiasm for helping that has little to do with what the task actually is.  I don't know when children get polluted and don't like doing certain things because right now Addison will do anything we ask of her - pulling weeds, picking up garbage, mopping, washing out garbage cans, whatever...Hopefully her helpful spirit continues for many more years.

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