Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zoo Tripping

Addison and I are very fortunate that a lot of our friends have zoo passes this year.  A few weeks ago we spent the morning at the zoo with our Aunt Holly and cousins.  (I missed the memo about the U shirts because Addison has a matching one and it would have been awesome had they all matched!)
One of the tigers was swimming and getting in and out of the water while we were there.  I hadn't ever seen that and Addison, as much as she loves water, now loves that tigers swim.  She is often found "swimming" her own tiger at home.
Here is our attempt to get three cousins (under the age of 4) to all look and smile at the same camera at the same time and ignore all other distractions.  We were mostly successful!

Here is, in my opinion, the least high maintenance cousin!  He is three weeks older than Addison but so much more chill and easy going.  He is content to do what everyone else is doing...maybe he'll rub off on Addison one day.
My sister tried taking about 25 pictures of me and Addison in front of the giraffe exhibit.  The hordes of school children proved much too enticing and Addison did not look at the camera once!
At the end of our visit we were exiting past the metal elephant.  My sister took Addison and Aiden over to have a look and they were both directly sprayed by the big singing hunk of metal.  Addison went back to the zoo less than a week later with our neighbors and cried when she saw the elephant and wouldn't go anywhere near it and insisted that they carry her until they were far away.  She'll grow out of it - and it was actually kind of funny in a "I'm a mean mom for laughing at my kids" kind of way :)

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