Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Like Mom

My mom was a ferocious knitter while I was growing up.  She used to keep record of all the sweaters she knit, but when she got to 100 she stopped writing them down.  She made sweaters for church and play and knit almost every night when we went to bed at 7.  Tragically - my mom sold most of the sweaters when I was young - but as a great surprise - when we were emptying the attic she found a box that had a few long lost sweaters!  My mom made this sweater for me when I was a little older than Addison and I couldn't wait for the washer and dryer to finish so that she could wear it.  Also, except for the light hair - she looks EXACTLY like me when I was her age!  
This is Addison saying "cheese".

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