Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Second Greatest Place on Earth

Second only to being home with my family - the Oregon Coast is my favorite place on earth.  Despite the fact that we live in Utah - Addison has been to the coast three times since she was born!  My mom lives just over an hour from the coast so it isn't too far to go when we pop into town.  I have great memories of the coast and it has been fun creating new ones with Oliver and Addison.  This is from Easter weekend (April 7) and we played on the beach just outside of Mo's for an hour or so.  Surprisingly, we had a windless beach and weather in the upper 60s.  It was perfect!  Addison was very serious about her sand castle building.

She wasn't fully captivated by the castle though - she was much more interested in swimming in the ocean in April.  She is a total water baby!  She would run straight for the waves and not stop.  She loved jumping and splashing and getting wet.  She even went completely under the "freezing" water and loved it!  Oliver had to keep a close eye on her because every time he would resume working on the castle or start heading back from the ocean she would be running right back in.

I just love her face in these next two pictures.

Here she is post ocean swim - and she still kept heading back out for more.  The cold water and heavy clothes didn't bother her at all.  Had I anticipated that she wanted to swim I would have brought her swim suit - maybe a sopping wet fleece provide some insulation?

This is the only picture of Addison and me that day at the beach - we are flying our kite.  It really didn't keep her attention for very long. 
Also, interestingly, there were hundreds of lady bugs on the beach that day.  Addison loves "bugas" and we had fun watching them.  They were all over the sand and logs and rocks and everyone down at the beach.

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