Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Finalized Treatment Plan

NICU Day 7 (Sunday, Sept 30):
Oliver woke up Sunday morning about 4 when it was time for me to take my pills and decided to go home so that he could be there when Addison woke up and help get her ready for church and spend some time with her.  We decided that Claire would be staying the NICU for the 14 day treatment because the possibility of her having meningitis and all the effects that could have on her is not worth hoping that she didn't.  We decided to settle in for a week of inconvenience and most sadly for Oliver - his return to work.  He wants to spend a weeks at home when we actually end up home and so he is going to work the week that she is in the NICU and then take next week off for some fun family bonding time.  All thing considered - Claire is doing fine and it's just a matter of finishing the course of her antibiotics.  

Oliver went home, slept until Addison woke up, gave her a bath, and helped her get ready for church.  Oliver's mom came up to the hospital to bring me breakfast and see Claire before taking Addison to church.  We had some nurse snafu which just isn't worth re-hashing and then I settled in to spend my morning in the NICU before heading home.

Oliver came back to the hospital to help give Claire another bath and take our things out to the car.  We had been "rooming in" at the hospital in hopes that Claire was going home on Monday - but when it was decided that we were going to stay another week there didn't seem to be much reason to stay at the hospital so Oliver and I decided to go home.  We are fortunate and it takes only 8 minutes to drive back and forth - 10 by the time we walk in, come upstairs, and scrub.    

It felt horrible to leave the hospital and the worst was seeing the empty car seat in the back of the car and knowing that the timing just isn't quite yet - but we have another adorable and needy child at home that would like her parents to come home and would like to spend some time with her mom.  Since I've been on bed rest - any time that I spend up and playing or sitting with her is a huge improvement.  And while I still can't lift her, I can now eat meals with her again - play toys - sit on the floor - go for walks - and be much more present.  So while the balance if NICU/home life might take awhile to adjust too, to Addison it all looks like an improvement.

She went to church with Grandma and then stopped by the house to say hi before she got to go and spend the evening and night with Grandma and Papa.  As you can see - she's happy for us to be home and we are so glad to be back with her and in our own bed!

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kirsten.brooke said...

I wish I were close to help! But then again, you seem so in control and well taken care of. For that, I'm so happy for you.

It's been wonderful to read these sweet and tender posts about Claire's entrance into the world. It really makes me appreciate life, God, and the plan of salvation that much more.

It's also very sweet to see the happy and strong marriage you enjoy. I loved the reminder you gave of trusting in your husband. Given my bull-headed personality, I tend to forget the day-to-day reality of that portion of my covenant. So, thank you.

And, I pray it's improvements-only from here on out!