Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 8th - First Day Home

The minute we walked in from the hospital Addison was begging to hold Claire.  We went and introduced Claire to her bedroom and then Addison and Claire sat on the rocker to bond.  Addison just loves her!

Addison then wanted to show Claire her own bedroom and share her toys with her.  She stacked her blocks around and behind her and they will have so much fun learning to play together!  Hopefully it will always be so exciting. 
Claire needed a hat because our house was a little chilly.
Addison refused to be outdone and ran to her room to get her own hat - which she wore until nap-time.  This also documents that Addison drinks her yogurt with a straw.  I got tired of cleaning up the mess of Addison trying to feed herself yogurt and so we switched to her drinking it.  It works WAY better and she actually consumes a hole lot more now that she isn't spooning it everywhere and purposely making a mess and spreading it on the counter.
After nap-time - where everyone in the house got at least two hours of sleep - we decided to go to the park.  We tried out our new stroller and this is also the park where we took Addison on her maiden stroller walk two years ago (you can remember it here).  We are loving our new stroller.  We have been on several family outings this week and it off-roads and on-roads wonderfully.  It was a great purchase.  My favorite feature is the brake :)  Oliver says that's not really a selling point but there is a hand lever that you just flip and the thing is locked in place - AWESOME!

While Addison and dad were playing on the playground and rolling down the hill - I fed Claire and then she napped in Addison's seat reclined.  Like I said - versatile!  Had we known this stroller existed when we were having our first child we would have bought it - it can be a single/double/or triple stroller so it grows with you while you're having kids and then it downsizes with you while you're finishing having kids.  
Addison loves to roll down the hills at the park.  Here she is with her dad having a great time!
More fun adventures to come - but our first day at home as a family was wonderful!

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TysonandMarthaGerber said...

Whats the name of the stroller? Is it easy to take in and out of the car? It looks awesome