Sunday, October 7, 2012

Errands with Addison and Time with Claire

NICU Day 12 (Friday, Oct 5):
No word about my ultrasound today.  It was necessary to run a few errands with Addison and so I went to the NICU to do the 7 am feeding.  I then went home and got all ready to go.  When Addison put her shoes on she began to fuss and upon asking her what was wrong, I learned that her shoes hurt.  Apparently, while I have been lying in bed over the last month, she has out-grown all her shoes.  Maybe it's just our family, but it isn't really the dad thing to buy her shoes or recognize when we're ready for a change.  It is also fall and she should be wearing something other than sandals anyway.  

She didn't really want to run errands - but off we went.  We stopped at Target to make a return and then we swung into Old Navy to buy socks - she also has no socks that fit!  I picked up a shirt for me and 15 pairs of socks for Addison :)  It's wonderful to not wear maternity clothes and just feel a little less frumpy.  After Old Navy we went to Costco because a dress boutique that I like was having a road show and I also found matching Christmas dresses for the girls.  It is nearly impossible to find matching dresses from the toddler sizes to the infant sizes and so I was happy about that.  Costco already has all their Christmas toys out and I am not ready to decide what I want to buy.  One thing I don't like is that you have to decide now - because when I am actually ready to make a decision about toys for Christmas it will be too late to get anything from Costco - and there are several things I like but nothing that we actually need. 

When we finished at Costco we went home for lunch and to play and then I put Addison down for a nap.  I then spent a quite afternoon with Claire and came home for dinner and to put Addison to bed just to return and spend my evening with Claire and Oliver.  My mom flies home tomorrow and so it is the last night that Oliver and I could just spend together in the NICU.  It has been so great to have my mom here - because while we will be able to trade off for the last two days of our NICU stay - it has been a nice end to our days to have time to just sit and visit and hold Claire and not feel like we're running in a million different directions.  It has been a time for Oliver and I to connect and talk and plan and just be together and it is one of the greatest gifts that came out of my mom coming to town to help.  

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