Thursday, July 7, 2011

11 Months

Addison is 11 months old today. The time is going by so quickly and there is almost nothing "baby" about her anymore. She now says "Boo" in addition to "Hi" which she has totally mastered. Just after her 10th month she received her first molar and then last week she got her second. She now has 10 teeth - with two more molars about to come in on the bottom! She stands and walks around objects like tables and chairs. She has become a speedy crawler and would now prefer to crawl rather than walk because she crawls much faster. She has also decided that it's okay to hug us and will cuddle for upwards of 30 seconds...we treasure every brief gesture of physical affection. She loves the teddy that she sleeps with and went swimming and down the water slides for the first time this past month.

She weighs 23.1 pounds and is still 28". She seems taller to us, but we believe that height is hard to accurately meausre with how wiggly she is and how much she hates having to be still for any reason. Just one more month and she will be truly is amazing and humbling to see just how quickly the time passes.


p.e. said...

It was fun to see her (oh, and you :) ) the other day-- time really did go so quickly!

p.e. said...

It was fun to see her (oh, and you too) :) the other day. She is a doll!

TysonandMarthaGerber said...

Shes super cute!