Friday, July 29, 2011

4th of July

I love having time off work and it is just one of the reasons that I love July. In Utah, not only do we celebrate the 4th, but we also celebrate and observe the 24th of July. We started our morning on the 4th with a ward pancake breakfast.

After breakfast we went to Seven Peaks to enjoy the slides and pools. Oliver's family met us there so we were able to go on the big slides for the first time. It is nice that they open to season pass holders at 9:30 so the kiddie pools and wave pools weren't that busy on the holiday. By the time the park opened to the public at 11 we were ready to head home. Addison LOVES all things water!

We also take her down the slide in the kiddie pool which sometimes goes well and sometimes brings a little whimper. Either way - it's good for her ;)

After the water park, we went home for naps, baths, and preparation for a holiday BBQ. Oliver's family came to join us and after burgers, corn on the cob, fruit, chips, and Texas sheet cake we moved on to more common 4th festivities - brotherly rivalry,

and FIREWORKS! Addison liked them at first, but the louder and bigger they got the less and less she liked them.

We had a great holiday and spent time together - which in my opinion - is the best part of EVERY holiday.

We hope you had a great 4th too!

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