Monday, July 25, 2011

I Must Be An Adult

We just went camping for four days.

No flushing toilets, no shower, no running water, little shade.

We took with us an almost one year old breast feeding, bottle drinking, crawling, two daily nap taking, eats-everything-in-sight, exploring, curious little Addison.

We hiked, swam, splashed, napped, played, ate, and cooked.

It was bliss.

Until we came home.

I love camping - I hate coming home. It isn't the flash back to reality, the turning on of the cell phones that have been without service, the checking of the email, the unwatered struggling garden or the pile of mail. And, I was ready for a shower, please don't misunderstand.

What I wasn't prepared for is what comes before the long awaited shower.

Clean out the cooler, wash a gazillion loads of smoke smelling laundry, scrub mud and dirt out of everything Addison owns, unload the car, wash it, season the dutch oven, re-wash all the kitchen dishes, wash the toys, reset up the tent to dry, unpack my stuff and Addison's stuff, take everything to the basement, etc.

Camping as a child is so much EASIER. I guess it means that I'm the adult now.

That just blows!

(pictures to follow)

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Kandis Mortensen said...

Tell me about it! I keep trying to find ways for my family to live on PB&J's, just so I won't have so much to clean up when we get home! I swear I'm going to invite my own line of "Mommy Bear" camping gear!