Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We are THOSE Parents

Oliver and I ran about a hundred errands in one day and Addison was such a trooper. We had been home for every nap but other than that, we were gone all day. We had stopped at a gazillion stores and went out to dinner ($2.04 for all of us at Costa Vida!). She was pleasant and happy and content.

Important aside, on our way out the door after her afternoon nap we forgot her shoes.

Our last stop of the day was Home Depot. It was about 6:30 and she was ready to be home and headed to bed. Oliver was checking out lawn mowers - because ours is mostly broken and we desperately need a replacement. She was pitching a little screaming fit because she wanted out of the cart and down. In an effort to keep her pacified and happy through the last 20 minutes of our excursion I let her push the cart barefoot through Home Depot - up and down at least 5 isles. She loved every minute of it and laughed and giggled and said "hi" to everyone we passed.

In my defense, the store was mostly empty and I was checking the floor for debris as we walked.

I would do it again. Yes, I am one of THOSE parents who allowed my child to walk barefoot in public {insert shocking gasp here}.

Barefoot children in public is one of my mom's biggest horrors. I called her gleefully the next morning at 6:00 am to tell her the tale and she promised to try not to be so judgmental of other mom's when she sees such a horrid infraction next time.

However, let's be totally truthful, she was still horrified!

Yes, I am also one of THOSE parents who sits my child on the kitchen counter to take her picture...she hasn't fallen and broken her head yet.


Leah Stone said...

Estes Park sounds great. When are you thinking of coming? And thanks for the comment. Check out the post today to gush about motherhood.

Kandis Mortensen said...

welcome to the club! when baby is happy (though dirty), everybody's happy...

Taylor said...

I swept the floors every night when I worked at Home Depot. They use this really cool stuff that cleans them. So they are cleaner than you think! Don't you guys have the honda mower? What is wrong with it?

Evan and Holly said...

If it was China, then I'd be horrified. But I am surprised Oliver didn't care either. What day was this?

p.e. said...

No judgement here-- I probably will be that parent 90% of the time. And I feel good about it to boot!