Thursday, July 28, 2011

Only Water

I've decided to drink only water. I'm on day three.

I was out having a spontaneous GNO until after midnight and Addison still woke up at 6 am thinking I should nurse her - THE NERVE!

I NEED a diet coke today - but I have still been drinking water.

It would help if the water at my office didn't taste so nasty, it tastes like metallic dirt.
It would also help if I didn't have to choose water out of the fountain machine that has the diet coke button right next to it.
It would help if I wasn't going on 5 hours of sleep and feeling a little bored at work.
It would help if I had some amount of self-control.

However, my friend Kirsten, has inspired me (you might have noticed how my blog has slowly morphed to look more and more like hers). She has a goal to drink 2 liters of water a day. I was totally impressed by her goal. Every week I read her updates I thought I could never drink that much water everyday...that is until I looked up how many ounces are in two liters and was surprised to find out that 2 liters just sounds impressive. In fact, I was already drinking more than that amount of water daily. I still love her and am still inspired to drink only water and I keep telling my brain that I'm drinking 2 liters because it just sounds cooler and like more of an accomplishment when I couch it that way.

So back to my nasty tasting 2 liters I go.

Do you think crystal light mix in packets count as only water?


kirsten.brooke said...

Funny eh? If we all went by the daily recommendation of 8 8oz glasses of water a day, we'll all be drinking nearly 2 liters a day.

That's awesome that you were already drinking so much water. I definitely was NOT. So no matter how I sliced it, 66oz or 2 liters, that was a big accomplishment for me! Now I'm upping it to 3 liters.

You could try soaking herbs like mint or lemon wedges in a pitcher of water overnight and then drinking from that the next day. I haven't tried that yet, but I want to!

Good work!

Evan and Holly said...

Yes, the crystal light in the water still counts as water. I think most are 0 calories. Those drink mixes are the only way that I drink water. But I need to drink more.