Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Addison's most favorite and anticipated event of the night was the cake.  She loves the Happy Birthday song and we probably sang to her three or four times during her party.  She loved to conduct everyone else singing to her!  I carried the cake in which is what she is watching for in the first pic and then, because of our ceiling fan, we had to do the candle part twice.  She promptly snatched the tiger eyes off her cake as soon as the song and candles were done and ate them both!
Today, even feeling horribly, Addison requested cake.  There wasn't any leftover cake after her party and when she wasn't eating at all today - I was happy to oblige.  We made another chocolate cake, frosted it, and, other than grapes, a few crackers, and a Popsicle, it's all she's had all day.  She apparently LOVES cake!  Which is comical because neither Oliver nor I are that excited about it.

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