Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Presents

Addison wasn't especially interested in opening the presents when we started because all she could think about was cake.  After every gift she opened she would say - "cake now".  She kind of got into after a little bit - but she was most excited about CAKE!  Addison started by opening her gift from Uncle Nick and Aunt Tasha which I'll post pics of after this.
Aunt Holly (and fam) bought her a bunch of fall clothes that are darling!  Addison attempted to "wear" everyone she opened.

She then opened a wagon, baby, and new outfit from Grandma and Papa - the baby powder that came with the new baby doll is one of the things that she has been playing with non-stop.  It's funny the things that she has latched onto.
Oliver and I gave her a set of four Curious George book - she's had them for less than two full days and I'm ready to pack them away - we've read them a ton!
Her Nana sent a Go Fish game which Kyle was very excited about.  He was sad we couldn't open it that night - but he'll be over to play another day!
She loved ripping and throwing the tissue paper out of the bags.  

Nana also sent a matching tea set to the one she has at her house.  Both Nana and Grandma & Papa have tea sets at their homes and it's one of Addison's favorite things to play with - it's now fun that we have one in our home too.
The gift giving culminated with Addison receiving her Beta fish - which she has named Beta.  She is really sad that Beta only eats twice a day - but she loves talking to Beta and dancing for Beta. 

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