Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hiking at Silver Lake

The only remaining part of our basement project is installing the carpet - we can then reclaim our living space!  Currently - the clutter and lack of organization are driving me crazy and I had no desire to spend another day at home!  So, when Addison woke up kind of cranky this morning I decided it was time to go for a "hike".  Her cranky attitude flipped a quick switch when I asked if she wanted to go hiking.  She was excited to get her hiking hat, hiking shoes, and hiking socks.  We also took her bunny, fish, milk, whistle, glasses, and snacks (most of which waited for us in the car). 
We headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon to walk around Silver Lake.  My quick google search doesn't say how long the "hike" is but I would guess it's about a mile with boardwalk most of the way, scattered benches and plenty of squirrels, bugs, fish, ducks, etc. 
I've been trying to get a good 2-year picture of Addison but when you ask her to smile she does a very cheesy grin.  She has an adorable natural smile - just not to be caught on camera.  Here are just a few of our zillion attempts. 

We stopped at every bench, water outlet, and nearly every rock for a rest/break/snack.  She only bawled twice that I wouldn't carry her and we eventually made it all the way around (in 90 minutes).  We weren't in a hurry for any reason so I didn't mind the slow pace.  I'm not about to carry her at 8 months pregnant and I'm not a sucker for her tears like her dad.  It's good for her to learn to hike/walk and when all was said and done she had a good time.

A family of ducks swam over to see her (mom and 2 bigger babies) because I think they thought we had food.  Addison talked to the ducks for a long time during one of our breaks.

Towards the end Addison stopped and climbed up on a stump only to exclaim "mom - take my picture!".  Apparently she started to get that I was trying to get a picture of her.  However, I wouldn't say this one was any more successful then all the rest!  She's still awfully cute though!
While the hike was nice our day just got more eventful when we got home.  I got in the shower and Addison has been doing great playing in her room while I shower - or sometimes she'll just play in our closet in the bathroom.  I was impressed by her independence today because she wasn't in and out of the bathroom a hundred times asking if I was done.  I turned the water to REALLY hot and enjoyed the few minutes of a break.  When I finished and got out of the shower I could hear her bawling her heart out!  I hurried to go and see what was wrong only to find that she had locked herself in her bedroom.  Not just closed the door and couldn't get it open - but literally locked the door handle on the inside in her effort to get it open. 

I sat outside her door and kept asking her to turn the middle part of the nob and then I finally talked her into going and getting her binky from her crib so that she could calm down.  After about 15 minutes I called her dad on the phone and he came home from work to try to help.  She had finally given up and went back to playing in her room.  I eventually realized that it is the only door handle upstairs that is different from all the others and I was able to unlock it with a flat head screw driver.  When I finally got her door open she was happily sucking her binky and rocking on her horse.  She was most upset that I made her put her binky back in her bed! 

Yep - just a morning in our life!  I can honestly admit that I was really glad when 1 pm came around and it was time for nap!

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Tiana Smith said...

Oh my goodness! That's heartbreaking! Reminds me to put all our keys someplace safe so I'll be able to open it from the outside if that ever happens. Right now I don't even know where all the keys are... Hope the pregnancy is going well!