Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Party Decor

Addison loves animals and thanks to Aunt Holly and Grandma both having zoo memberships - she can see them often!  We decided to theme her second birthday party accordingly.  

Here's the kids table - there were 14 adults, the birthday girl, and her two cousins.  We decided we'll wait and throw a friend party when she's a little older - for this year it was family (Aunt Holly, Uncle Evan, Aiden, Kyle, Grandma, Papa, Uncle Nick, Aunt Tasha) and Addison's surrogate family (Anamarie, Craig, Bryce, Bailey (we missed Bobby), Madison and Cameron) that live around the corner and in Provo. 
We served haystacks and Grandma brought fruit - all of which was great party food!  Easy to do - easy to prep in advance - and accommodating of the food allergies and dietary restrictions of our friends and family.  I made 15 cups of cooked rice and we ran out (sorry Cam!) so in the future I'll have to remember to make more!

We had a wonderful time and it turned out perfectly - thanks to everyone that supports our Little Miss.

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