Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Little Painter

We are wrapping up with our basement remodel project.  The previous homeowners decided to finish the basement themselves and it left much to be desired (like heat runs)!  We started the project before my dad unexpectedly past away and that hiccup has lengthened the time we were hoping it was going to take to reclaim our basement.  But - last weekend we finally narrowed down our paint selection with a little help from Addison!

We decided - since we were picking 5 colors - to put samples up and make sure that we were in LOVE!  Addison donned her paint shirt and went to town.  In retrospect, it maybe wasn't the best teaching experience because now she might think that painting on the walls is always appropriate, but it sure was fun.  She painted several times over the weekend and again on Monday - this was her first day of painting and you can tell she loved it!

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