Wednesday, April 24, 2013

7 Months

Claire is 7 months today.  Her morning started by sleeping in until 9 am.  Addison is always so excited to hear Claire wake up in the morning and today she decided to feed her the morning bottle.  What's funny is when Claire stops drinking Addison follows her mouth around with the nipple spraying milk all over her face, the blanket, her clothes, etc. 
After her bottle they played together and Addison loves to lay her head in Claire's lap and talk to her. 
Claire went down for her morning nap and woke up with her one arm poking out of the neck of her jammies.  She isn't sleeping swaddled anymore and she wakes up in all kinds of interesting positions.
The cuddled before their afternoon naps.
Then the day finished with more playtime, a banana for dinner, and the mandatory monthly pictures, weighing and length checking.

Of course, Addison had to have her monthly picture taken as well.

Pretty much everyday consists of my repeating 100 times "Addison, love and let go". 

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