Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Recycled Clothes and Sunday Rides

This is the jumper that my mom bought Addison for her one year birthday.  She bought it months before her birthday and held onto it until August hoping she would wear it in through the fall.  Well Addison only fit it once - and not even really fit it - so we just put it on to take Addison's birthday pic and then we packed it away.  

It turns out that Claire is ready to wear it at 6 months and my mom will be happy that it is finally getting some wear.  Claire is 27" at 6.5 months (April 14) and Addison was 28" by one-year so while Claire isn't as thick around she certainly has the height and it explains why she is already in all her 12 month clothes.  The second picture is how Claire feels about always having to wear hand-me-downs :)
In other news, I bought a bike!  I have been riding a mountain bike that was given to me in 1999 when I was a sophomore in high school.  It wasn't new then - but it has served me well.  It doesn't serve me when Oliver pedals once to my 50 pedals and so we decided to get me a bike so we could ride together as a family.  Last summer I tried to ride Oliver's road bike a few times and pull Addison in the trailer but the fit was wrong, the clip shoes were wrong, and I couldn't get the shoes unattached from the pedals while I was on Redwood Road.  Needless to say - it wasn't glorious.  Oh, did I also mention that there has been mold in my helmet and the plastic was breaking it off but I wore it anyway.  So we left the bike shop on April 13th with a new bike, clip shoes, pedals, and a mold-free helmet!  We took our maiden family voyage on April 14th to go and see the sheep about 2 miles from our house.  I'm really out of shape - but it was fun.

Addison was begging for her picture to be taken with Claire in the trailer and then she wouldn't smile or even look at me - oh the little drama queen!

Lastly, we finally put the tray on Claire's high chair and I have been putting toys and puffs on her tray to keep her happy.   Addison often requests her own dry cereal to be put on the tray so they can eat together.  She just loves to do everything that Claire is doing.  (taken April 17)  Also, Claire hates her cereal puffs and locks her gums together so that you can't get any in her mouth so Addison patiently waits until Claire is done practicing her pinching grip and then swiftly eats all of her puffs for her.


Taylor said...

Where are the helmets?

Taylor said...

Where are the kids' helmets?

Brenda said...

Hello Heidi,
I just had the most fun catching up on lots of your blog posts. I love the matching clothes! Your girls have the most beautiful eyes! It looks like things are going well for you! Love you!