Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bathing Together

Addison bought Claire a bath chair for Christmas.  Did you know 4 pennies could buy so much!?  I got it from the basement on March 7th and it is the best purchase we've made.  Claire is sturdy enough to sit but wouldn't be ready to sit alone in a tub for many months.  This allows them to play together and the day we got it out they bathed together for more than an hour.  I can wander in and out and fold laundry and putz while they play nicely.  It also allows us to fill the tub very full which is Addison's favorite!

Now I just have to try to keep Addison from "bathing" Claire on her own.  Claire isn't going to have any trouble sticking her face in the water when she's bigger because she rarely has a bath without having a face full of water.

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