Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cousins on a Saturday

My sister and her family moved on March 16th and I volunteered to take the four kids on an adventure and let everyone else do the heavy lifting/moving.  I'm not sure who get the better deal :)  The weather was wonderful and so we started at the park, went to the library, and ended riding toys in the driveway, having a snack on the blanket and throwing dirt at each other.  Ahhh - to be little!

Apparently Aunt Heidi is a better swing pusher than his parents :)

Claire carefully guarded monkey and blanky while my nephews played.  They take their special toys everywhere and I love that Aiden grew up calling his blanky "monkey" in imitation of his big brother!

The kids loved the handicap swing and since we were the only ones at the park I let them all have several turns.

Our cousins have decided to stay in Utah for at least another year (well their parents made the choice) and we are so happy that our best friends aren't moving away just yet...

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