Thursday, April 4, 2013

For Aunt Kel - 5 Months

Lest you think that Claire isn't having her picture taken like Addison was - you are mistaken.  I have just about as many pictures - they just haven't made their debut on the blog.  After a request from Aunt Kel I decided to post the 5 month pictures of Claire which were taken on February 24, 2013.  I'll post 6 month pictures next.

Every month after Claire has her picture taken with her frog - Addison insists on having her picture taken with Claire's frog too to show her progress.

That night, Claire was showing off her extraordinary skill of sitting up unassisted. 
While taking Claire's sitting-up pictures and cheering her on Addison started screaming, "Mom, mom, I can sit up by myself too!  Take my picture!"  So here is Addison sitting up by herself at 2-1/2!  What a talented child...

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