Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Easter - Delayed

I have a folder titled "blog" on my desktop with all the pictures that I have every intention of posting for the blog-world.  If you were to look in it right now you'd see picture from Halloween that I never got posted - and Claire's newborn pics, and pics from her first days home, and pics of her first bath, etc, etc.  You get the idea. 

I'm not sure if I've given up on myself completely but I'm surely not playing catch-up today. 

Addison has received SO MANY CLOTHES since her birth that we really can't justify buying anything for Claire - Addison especially has countless fancy dresses because both her uncles were married since she was born and her Nana Hansen never had daughters so she'll often come home with something new and cute to wear.  

However, I love matching clothes!  I guess you could say the love affair started as a child and we were always matching/coordinating.  If I could find the picture from my childhood where I'm matching my brothers and my sister and it was actually very "in" back then I would post it for you.  Oh wait - I did find it!
Holly was the only one with any good sense realizing that 23 years later we would look back and cringe at the awesomeness that was NEON!  

Anyway, because of my love for matching clothes I decided to splurge and buy the girls matching Easter dresses.  I'm pretty sure that I always had matching or coordinating Easter clothes growing up and it maters to me.  Hopefully Claire and Addison won't look back and cringe at the awesomeness that is pastel purple, hot pink shoes, big flowers, and cap sleeves.  (PS Let me tell you how ecstatic I was to find cap sleeves on a toddler dress - she doesn't need sleeveless.   PPS Can you believe that Claire is in 12 month clothes and Addison's dress is 4T!).

I had to post another because I can't figure out what facial expression combination I love more.
Our neighbor was gracious enough to stop by before church and snap a few family pictures.  None turned out wonderfully because Addison was just done by then and I pulled a screaming Claire out of her car seat just to pacify her long enough to snap the picture.  She thought she was going to starve and couldn't figure out how come I woke her from a nap just to jam her into some frilly girly dress and force her to pose over and over and over.  

In other news, this is the skirt that I wore the day I came home from my mission.  While it doesn't fit quite as loosely or ride quite as low on my hips - it zips all the way up and I am making some stellar progress.  Down 70 pounds since Addison was born!  Boo-YAH!

In other randomness, here are some more coordinated/matching childhood Easter pictures.  Probably 1987 and 1985.  I don't know if LDS church girls ever participated in the extreme fashion of hats and gloves or if was just the rest of the Christian girl world - but we had Easter hats and small white gloves many years in a row!

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