Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Addison and I spent my last day of maternity leave hanging out with my sister. Our neighbor gave us a Bumbo for Addison but she cries when we try to use it at home. However, Addison sat in her cousin's Bumbo for 20+ minutes...finicky little girl (whom we love). Maybe she enjoys sitting in a Bumbo more at Holly's because there are little people to watch. She is absolutely fascinated with Kyle and was so happy that he was sharing his play-dough with her.
(PS: Can you tell it was almost Halloween by all the orange shirts?)


Dan, Lisa, and McKenzie said...

I've never seen one of these - Great idea! The Bobby works pretty well too. -Dan

Deidre said...

As always what darling. I wish I could let you borrow my plethora of baby items that are gathering dust in the garage. Let us know how being back to work is going!