Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Voted

Oliver and I vote by mail because we get our ballots about three weeks before the election so we know what is on them. We always have great intentions to sit down and discuss the issues and candidates and take our time so we can make an educated vote. We did manage to discuss a few things in advance, but not as much as we would have liked. Here's Oliver and Addison filling out his ballot 2 hours before the polls closed.
While I drive our ballots to the polling location every year since we don't seem to mail them early enough - I am grateful to cut the line and just have to drop them off instead of waiting for my turn to vote at the polls. It's good to be involved (it gives us the right to complain about what's happening later-on) and Addison is learning to be patriotic.

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Charity said...

We forgot to register this year. I mean, we were planning to vote and everything, but we forgot that since we moved we were no longer registered. I think we're going to do the mail-in ballot thing, as well. It seems like an ingenious idea.