Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall Leaves and a Little Lovin'

On Saturday morning we watched our friends kids and we put them to work :) We needed to get the leaves racked and the Christmas lights up because it was supposed to snow. Here's Jackson getting ready to help rake.

Addison and Londyn watched from the leaf pile. Londyn was really helpful for the first hour raking and carrying bags and entertaining Addison. She did a fair amount of jumping into the piles and carrying small piles from one pile to another all over the yard. Eventually she and I went inside to make muffins because Oliver was a little tired of re-raking everything four and five times and he just wanted to get it done.
I tired to get a picture of all three kids. Jackson sat for less than half a second...needless to say it's not that easy to do...
Londyn loved jumping into the huge pile!
Jackson was smitten by Addison. He started this far away from her and would turn to look at me to make sure he was a good safe distance and not getting into trouble.
It didn't last long...he wanted to love on her...

Addison would just laugh and giggle and then Jackson would laugh...they were so funny playing together.

And Jackson loved her hair bow.
They were such a joy to have over to play. We can't wait for them to come back again! Addison is really looking forward to going to play at their house next!

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