Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Shots

Addison had her two month shots. The nurse was great...she laid out the three needles and it was over in moments. It is so sad to watch though, Addison was lying on the table kicking her legs and smiling and all of a sudden BAM BAM BAM! It's so tragic...but good for her. One of her vaccines was oral which was nice.
It's just going to be the course of life for the next few months because she has several more coming. She wasn't too fussy - she just needed to be held and cuddled that night which we are happy to do. She slept just fine and we gave her Tylenol just in case (per docs recommendation). As always, she's our good girl!

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Charity said...

I know, that moment is so sad! Isaac loves the paper on the big examining table. So there he is happily making noises with the paper and then *jab* and his face crumples into this look of absolute betrayal. But, better that than a deadly or disabling childhood disease, right? Right?