Monday, November 22, 2010

Rubba-dub-dub in the Kitchen Sink

Addison's bum exploded up her back, over her shoulders and into her hair...needless to say she needed a bath STAT! But I was in the middle of dinner with stuff in various stages on the stove-top and Oliver wasn't home from work. So I stripped her down and put her in the kitchen sink to play.
Oliver walked in from work and was wondering why she was in the sink...sometimes you just have to make do with what options are available at the moment.

She loves the water - doesn't matter if it's the shower or bathtub or kitchen sink - she's a water baby and we love her!

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mj4toty said...

I think Sam spent the first few months of his life in the kitchen sink. It was the only place I could get him to stay put and stay happy while I cooked dinner. Too bad he doesn't fit and won't stay in the sink anymore...I miss those days! =)