Sunday, November 7, 2010

Exer-saucer and Cousins

Our friends' son is turning one this month. He is done with exer-saucer so his mom offered to let us test it out and borrow it. Here is Addison the first time she tried it. Not to sure - but not unhappy either.
Well, it's amazing what a night can do for you! She was all smiles about it the next day.
We watched our nephews on Saturday night and Addison loved to watch Kyle while he played with all the toy attachments on the exer-saucer. It was the same one he had when he was little so it must have been bringing back good memories. Addison was mezmorized by him...
Aiden was happy to be getting fed by Oliver while I was busy making dinner.
Our couch pillow was in the middle of the floor and Kyle would not walk around it - or move it. He walked/tripped/lept/fell over that pillow at least a dozen times and I just giggled. It's fun to see how a two year-old's mind works. (I did eventually move it for him).
After his dinner Aiden laid on the activity mat. He is getting great at grabbing the toys and keeping them in his mouth.
Yep, my nephews are still cuter than yours :)


kwainwright said...

Really!?!? You want to play that game?!?! Because while your nephews are darn cute, I think that I could give you a good challenge in the my nephews are cuter than your nephews contest!

Evan and Holly said...

I'm with Heidi..... :) Sorry Kelly

mj4toty said...

Sam used to have a hard time pushing the buttons for the music to play. He just wasn't strong enough. Then one day he figured out that if he thunked the buttons with his head, it worked. My son really knows how to use his head! =) Glad to see Addison is enjoying the exer-saucer!