Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Family Vacation

We took our first family vacation the weekend before Halloween. Oliver has been working really long and crazy hours and so his boss told him on Thursday night that he should take Monday off. So we scrambled to find a place to go and something fun with a very limited budget. My dad offered to let us use his time share and so I spent Friday pre-cooking our meals for the weekend so we wouldn't be tempted to eat out.

Addison did this almost all Friday morning which allowed me all the time I needed to get everything packed and cooked! She sure loves her high chair.We spent the first two nights at Bear Lake. They had an indoor kiddie pool and so Addison got to wear her swimsuit for the first time, she got in the pool for the first time and she was a little indifferent about the whole experience.

She wasn't her smiley self - but she wasn't screaming her head off either - so that must be a good time.
She also took her first trip out of Utah. We went on a scenic drive and ended up just barely into Idaho. I had to pull over so she could get her picture at the state line.
Half of Addison in Idaho and half in Utah.
We had gorgeous weather the Saturday day part of our trip and so we went and explored at the lake.

Here's proof that I was there.
I just can't get over how big she is getting and how cute she looks in fall clothes. She is so snuggly and tasty and adorable (I'm not biased or anything).
She joined us for our dinners and mostly went to town on her fists while we ate.
And Addison found a new love - the fireplace. She would lay on the floor and kick and look and smile for more then 20 minutes at a time...she found it calming just like the rest of us do! Since she doesn't roll yet we didn't need to worry about supervising her too closely because she couldn't get any closer.
We also found that Addison takes after her dad in her ability to totally tune everything out. Oliver was sitting on the bed watching a movie and holding Addison and she was staring at the TV just like he does - completely ignoring everything else and not aware that anything else is going on. It was pretty cute.
The last night we stayed at Wolf Creek in Ogden and it snowed. It was gorgeous and we packed Addison into her Baby Bjorn and zipped her inside our coat and were able to enjoy the scenery.
Even though the weather wasn't ideal to be out in, it was wonderful to get away for three nights and not have any obligations. It only cost a tank of gas, two movie rentals, a milkshake and an ice cream cone. Funny story - Oliver wanted a famous raspberry shake from Bear Lake so we stopped and paid almost $5 for a 12 oz shake (total rip off if you ask me). I really wanted a waffle cone and we had seen a sign around the corner so we drove to another store to go and get mine. It cost $0.81 for a huge waffle cone filled to the brim (the lady said they only charge $0.75 in the off season). It was awesome - Oliver has never been a bargain shopper like me :)

It really was a wonderful weekend and we'll have to do it again soon!


Charity said...

Oh my goodness, I think that's the same pool where Isaac had his first swimming experience! Or at least, one very similar in a pool at a timeshare at Bear Lake. We got kicked out because it was "adult swim hour." A couple in the hot tub complained about us. I was like, seriously? You guys will begrudge a baby a little swim time? You're all the way in the hot tub and we are in the BABY pool for goodness sake. Oh well, we were leaving anyway.

Sorry for leaving all these long comments on your blog posts. I guess I've missed talking to you recently or something.

Deidre said...

Love the updates, she is a cutey. I believe in dressing the kids up as much as possible for Halloween...looks like you do too.