Monday, March 7, 2011

7 Months

Addison is 7 months old today! We can't believe how fast the time has passed.
This is one of the new things that she is doing and we think it is very endearing. She lays her head down on the ground when she's tired...we also think that it is helping her to roll from front to back.
She is so busy and loves to get anything within her reach. Just today she rolled across the living room (which is the first time she has actually gone somewhere) to get to something she wanted.
She still loves paper! It's a great way to help pass the time during sacrament meeting...we're sure that's why they print programs in the first place!
Another new thing that she has started is letting you know when she doesn't get her way...she does not hesitate to express herself and she is a girl that knows what she wants.
But, as soon as she gets it, she is content as can be. We are so blessed to have a happy, healthy, growing girl!
As of today's home measurements...she is 25.5 inches long and weighs 18.8 pounds. (I thought her car seat was getting heavier.) She has been having so much fun with her dad at home this past little while he has been looking for work. She was really sad when her dad started his new job this morning which meant that she had to go back to daycare (well - dad was really sad) but we are grateful for the blessings that have so freely and frequently come to our family!

Also, I know that I am SO behind in my posting, but our home laptop died and the other is being used almost exclusively for CPA Exam we're hobbling by while we wait to have the money to buy a new one. Thanks for your patience!


PitterPatHeart said...

Gorgeous girl! :) And congrats on the new job :)

Emily said...

Happy 7 Months Addison!!! I love how she's just wearing one sock in the pictures!