Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cozy Cousins

My sister moved to a home over near Skyline High School.  Their new home is beautiful!  They have an awesome yard and live in a neighborhood that makes us jealous - it is the part of town that Oliver would love to live in!  Addison and I went over one day last week to play and help unpack.  Addison and Aiden love each other and had fun chewing on toys and taking them from each other.
Addison and her cousin Kyle have a long history of reading together (remember these fun days).  Kyle is getting big enough that he is now reading stories to himself and anyone else that will listen.  He chatters away and loves to point at the pictures and tell you all about what's going on.  While we were over for a visit, Addison couldn't pass up a chance to hear Kyle's great story (never mind it's the IKEA Expedit instruction manual - it's the imagination that matters)!
I love that Addison is so close in age with her cousins and that her cousins aren't moving out of state anytime soon!  I can't wait for warmer weather adventures and hopefully another visit from Nana soon!

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