Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Attacking Plastic

I know that you usually see really cute close up pictures of me...but my mom is insisting on revealing my newest hidden talent. I started on my pink play quilt but I was really curious about my swing. My mom was doing dishes and so my squawking was going unnoticed. I had to take matters into my own momentum and I threw myself around and around until I got there.
It was a very neat piece of plastic, but when I pushed myself up to look at it the swing kept coming straight for my face and whacking me! I was trying to hard to chew on the swing and it kept knocking me in the face...
Needless to say, my mom stopped doing the dishes to save me from the attacking monstrous plastic!

Now, I won't go explore anything and I am still content to roll from back to front and that's it. I won't roll from front to back for my dad when he get's home from work. I won't roll across the room for him nor for my grandparents. I'm not a performer and I only secretly roll while no one is watching. My sneaky mom has evidence but even she doesn't see it happen that often. I'm such a tricky little girl :)

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