Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sitting In The Crib

Addison crib is becoming more than a place to fact she has been a horrible napper lately! Once she starts pulling herself up we are going to have to lower her mattress!
I put her in her crib standing at the edge and she just giggles and smiles and thinks it is so fun to stand and then sit at the edge of her crib. During her non-nap yesterday, she kicked her mobile until it came on. She is just getting so big...
In other news, Addison is learning to wave. She waved for the first time Saturday, March 19th - and mostly waves at her mom. She also smacks her lips like her mama and loves for you to repeat her back and forth and back and forth (started March 13th). And, she is cutting her top two teeth! Her gums are swollen and bulging and those teeth should cut through any day. I'm hoping that when the teeth come through she will start napping again. She isn't fussy or feverish and doesn't have any other teething "symptoms" (none of which are medically verified, but moms swear by them anyway). Also, if she doesn't stop biting her mom we may become a bottle only family because I can't get her to stop.

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Evan and Holly said...

Flick her nose and pull her off, then wait a few moments--she'll probably fuss. Then put her back on and repeat as necessary. It worked great for Kyle. :) But I know some people feel that it is too mean.