Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oregon Girl and Other Randomness

I love my food feeder thing. My grandma bought it for me and I use it everyday! My mom puts things in it while she's making dinner and I remain entertained and happy for a long time. My favorite thing to eat is honeydew melon. When I am through - there is nothing left in the netting. I love about any kind of fruit and I love chicken dipped in tomato sauce. What a great gift!
I'm an Oregon State Fan! My parents aren't big sports fans - just the Olympics and the World Cup - but my Nana loves Oregon State. It is where my grandparents met. The rivalry between the Oregon schools is much like the rivalry between the U and I'm an Oregon State Fan through and through!
The day I modeled my Oregon clothes is also the day that my Valentine's package came in the mail from Nana. I got a cute new outfit, but you can see my favorite part was the letter she gave me...I ate it all up!
Pictures taken 2/12 and 2/16.

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