Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best $20 I Ever Spent

Okay - maybe not ever - but seeing how we paid $25 at the mall last year and only got a 5x7 and 2 3x5 - with no digital rights - we totally came out ahead. (Because we don't have digital rights to last years picture you have to come to our house if you want to see it.)

I have said it three other times since Addison was born - but we LOVE fotofly! If we ever move out of state then I am going to open Eric's out-of-state fotofly studio! This is the fourth time they've taken her picture and we are never disappointed. Starting in January Fotofly is going to have a permanent spot at Thanksgiving Point and shoot outdoor sessions. We might have to change it up next year and try something new (I sort of sound like an advertisement but I think the greatest honor you can give a small business is word of mouth referral.)

Anyway, without further ado - here is Addison with "Santa".

I can't decide which hugging picture I like better so you get to see both. Merry Christmas.

The picture of Addison pouting is when her dad is dressed up so we had to do a quick change and dress me up as Santa which resulted in the other shots. Addison loves her dad, but when she is in new situations or ones with too many people she is a total mama's girl.


Angela said...

So stinkin' cute!!!

Meghann said...

I'd have to agree. Money well spent!

Deidre said...

Seriously Priceless!!!

Deidre said...

Love these, priceless! Some of the best Santa/Christmas photos I've ever seen.