Friday, December 16, 2011

Cousins Will Play

After our tour of temple square to look at lights we went back to my sister's home for dinner. We had breakfast casserole out of the crockpot and it was tasty and had been cooking for 12 hours and was just ready for us when we got there - AWESOME - thanks pinterest!

Anyway, after barely eating anything all the kids were down and playing. They were running up and down the hall to Kyle & Aiden's bedroom and having a great time. Kyle takes up a little more room these days when connected to his feeding tube and you can see that Addison really wanted to go where she wanted to go. After yelling her need vocally but with no comprehension for Mr. Kyle she just gave him a two armed shove. Way to behave little miss :)

Kyle cried to his mom that Addison shoved him, and she did, and his nice mama gave him some explanation about how she's little and can't use her words and whatever. Must be hard being the oldest grandchild with nothing but little ones that have free reign and few consequences.

I'll have to re-read this to Addison when more kids come along and she can remember she already had her turn at being excused at naughtiness. The thing I love best about my sister is she just doesn't get too hung up in how the little ones interact - she just lets them figure it out themselves!

Here's her cute family showing our true family alliance!

*PS Yes, she graduated from the Y. But her husband is now a Ute and our mom was offering to buy her a sweatshirt - and who can turn down free? :) It really isn't a matter of school loyalty - it's loyalty to the pocketbook!

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