Monday, December 5, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date

Saturday morning I had a baby shower to attend, and while Addison would have been more than welcome, I liked having a break. The same morning, we woke up and Oliver exclaimed "we're out of milk, I guess we need Kneaders for breakfast". His world ceases to rotate when there isn't milk for cereal. I suggested that he take Addison on a Daddy/Daughter date - so off they went.

Our cousin Julie works at the Kneaders by our house (she's their baker, cake decorator, etc) and she just so happened to be working when they went in for French Toast. Addison loved it! As you can see...Oliver said she ate a ton.
Afterwards, they went to Home Depot, because Oliver and I are building Addison's Christmas gift. They happened to be having one of their craft activities (I have been trying to sign Oliver up to take Addison but he felt she was too little). Well, the people running the activity let them join right in and make a snowman napkin holder together. She was very focused on building her craft and loved it. They left before the painting phase started (mom will spray paint it at home this week instead).
Mom was so proud that Dad took pictures with his phone seeing how she like everything well documented and so she can peek at how cute Addison was building her first project. This was the first of many daddy/daughter dates. Addison is one very lucky girl!

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