Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Surprise Birthday

We celebrated Oliver's mom's birthday tonight with a little surprise dinner. She always does so much for us and we wanted her to know how much we love and appreciate her. She honestly didn't know anything about it which makes it a very successful night. The saddest part for her is that she thought she was coming up to pick up Addison for a sleepover. Luckily - Addison will have her sleepover tomorrow so it all turned out okay.

Tasha was awesome to come and help me with all the food preparation and Addison did her part by taking her two-hour nap. We had lemon parsley chicken skewers in fiesta lime rice salad(don't forget that I don't really follow recipes - so this is what inspired me but I made tweaks where I felt they were needed). I made fresh ground wheat rolls and we had melon. YUM!

When everyone was arriving and I was rushing to finish getting the food on the table we think that Addison could feel some of the anxiety. She wouldn't go to anyone but me and she was fussy. So this is the only quick picture I got while she cried in my arms before we sat to eat but I was pretty impressed with Tasha's and my work. (The one downside to having an open floor plan kitchen is getting everything served for dinner and having the kitchen all cleaned up. Luckily I am a tad OCD so when we sat for dinner all the counters were wiped down and all the dishes done.)

For dessert we had apple nachos (recipe here).

As Addison would say it was all very mmmmm.

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