Thursday, December 8, 2011

Loving the Lights - For The First Time

The lights at temple square are a big Utah Christmas attraction and we typically go every year. I personally have crowd anxiety and hate the cold - so it isn't my most favorite activity - until this year! Because Addison goes to bed between 6:30 - 7 we decided to head down to the square right when she got up from her nap at 4. We took dinner in the car, bundled Addison up in multiple layers on top and bottom, and took a co-worker of Oliver's that was in town from North Carolina. We arrived about 4:45 and it was deserted - nor were the lights on yet. What this meant was the Addison could run EVERYWHERE and she didn't have to be confined to her stroller or carried. She doesn't like either - so it was great for her to have space to roam and for us to calmly walk around following her general direction. We learned that the lights turn on at 5:00 and it was neat to see them light up. It was totally dark by 5:30 and so we got to enjoy the lights in the dark before the hoards of people.

Also, there was no line at the standard photo-op spots. Addison danced on the temple stone for at least 5 minutes and we didn't have to worry about a line of people waiting to stand in the same place. It was AWESOME!

Addison enjoyed pushing her stroller around and she couldn't get her mittens off because I attached them to her sweatshirt. She wasn't patient enough for me to help her get her thumbs into the thumb part of her mittens and so she just had sock-like coverings over her hands. She sure is independent.

My sister and her family came down to meet us about 5:30. We actually got a group picture with all but Aiden looking at the awesome is that?

Addison loves Kyle and he is enamored with her. He loves to hug her and be by her and "help" her and she resists most of his "help" But they did have a blast chasing each other and running all over. (Look how un-crowded the pavement - they could run quite a ways and the parents didn't have to worry because we could actually see them.)

I have to share this funny little story - Addison was running around (see first picture), she turned to come back to us and got confused because of all the jeans so she joined this group (see second picture). They thought she was so cute and started talking to her at which point she frantically looked around for us and came running back (see third picture). I just love how curious and independent she is.

After seeing the lights we went back to my sister's home for dinner and some visiting. I have another funny story to tell about Addison and Kyle but I'll save it for another post...for now you can enjoy how cute my nephews are.

For the first time in a long time Oliver was in charge of the camera for the beginning of our trip to the square. That means that there are actually some great pictures of me and Addison - LOVE IT! So I thought I'd share on more.

I am now totally committed to seeing the lights right as it is getting dark. It was so wonderful to be there before it was crowded and it was great to actually see the recorded Nativity. I've never been able to get close enough to see the Nativity and listen to it and so I was really excited that we were front and center with so few people around us. Oliver is a trooper and loves the square early or late - but I was so much happier with this trip. I can't wait to see the lights next year!

Luckily my blog doesn't have the large following and so I'm pretty sure my early visit plan won't be that widespread. But feel free to join us at 5 pm next year to enjoy the deserted tour of beautiful lights and still get your kids to bed at their regular bedtime.


k-tal said...

Love the last picture of you two! And love her coat!

TysonandMarthaGerber said...

Your pictures are so awesome! What a fun thing. Sydney slept 7 hours last night from 9 - 4 am! We are loving the book you recommended!