Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Eve with Aunt Kel

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Aunt Kel and as you can see Addison was a pro-unwapper this year. If you tore a small rip in the paper she was able to hold on and you could rotate the present until it was revealed.
While Addison was great at unwrapping her own gifts, she didn't grasp the "gift" part of the process. She was just really excited to have something in her hand that she could put in her mouth.
Even still, she received some wonderful books, clothes, a toy and an ornament.
But she will tell you the paper was really the BEST!
Addison especially prefers low quality paper (that is the polite way of saying CHEAP) - it is easier to grasp and rips better then that expensive stuff that she isn't strong enough to tear. Please keep this in mind for future gift giving :)
What a fun celebration!

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