Tuesday, January 4, 2011


When Addison was 12 weeks old I was able to start going back to weight watchers. I am a lifetime member and lost almost 60 pounds the first time I did weight watchers. It is a program that works for me and since I fell off the wagon when I got married and then had a baby to compound my issues I was ready to try again. In order to get ready to start again I ate an entire box of Kraft Mac & Cheese the night before I went back for good luck :)

I started back on November 1st and wanted to be realistic about starting a weight loss program during the holiday season (Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, New Year, party, party, party...you know...). The first month went well and then December came. There were work Christmas parties, family parties, neighbor goodies, work junk, etc. We planned a 12 day road trip to the Pacific NW for the holiday break and I was a little nervous. I decided that my December goal would be to weigh less on January 1st then I did on December 1st and not really obsess about all the weekly weigh-ins.

I went last night to face the January scale and proudly stood 5 pounds lighter then I was on December 1st! AWESOME! I don't think I've ever maintained my weight through December, let alone managed to be so stinkin' successful. GO ME!

So this little December goal taught me a very important lesson...that I should make achievable manageable goals for my life. Do you make New Year's resolutions every year in January and not have a clue what they are by the time February 1st comes or is that just me? I seem to make so many resolutions that I don't do any of them nor remember what they even are.

So the new year has come and I have really been thinking about what I would like to accomplish this year: write in my journal, do more family history, sort through all my pictures, make a scrapbook, make my own baby food, use cloth diapers, can more produce, keep my house clean, have FHE, make dinner more often, eat out less, loose weight, run another half marathon, exercise consistently, be a better employee, read my scriptures, be better at my calling, attend the temple more regularly, do my visiting teaching the way it was intended, be more patient, pack Addison's diaper bag and my lunch the night before, kneel to say my prayers, finish my personal progress (that has like 60 goals in one), plant a garden, figure out how to make our basement a happy place, save money, not stress about our finances, pick up after myself, not swear, be happy with my appearance in every stage of the journey, furnish our front room, pay off Oliver's last student loan, increase our life insurance, help Oliver to find a new job and finish his CPA, etc...see my point - all the things that I have to work on is OVERWHELMING!

So each new year I make a list like the one above. I write it all down, look at it, become hugely overwhelmed, fold it in half, stick it in my church bag, then look at it the following new year. Helpful and inspiring huh? Not really.

So as I was blog stalking this morning I saw this wonderful woman's post about her resolutions. There are only 4! I am sure that she has other goals, dreams and aspirations, but she is picking four things to work on and measure and track. I was inspired and so I'm going to try to do the same. My December goal taught me that it's possible and I have plenty of New Year's left in my life to pick other things.

So what am I going to pick...I don't know yet...but after I make a list, consult my better half, and decide I'll let you all know.

PS I know most of you were hoping for more pics and fun holiday stories. It's coming...just probably not until this coming weekend.

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Desiree said...

Your awesome! I like your goals! They are all really good ones. But I greatly appreciate the round about shout out! Why are we not real life friends? We need to work on that. Not that I don't love being your blogging friend;)