Monday, January 24, 2011

First Trip to the Park

It was supposed to snow on Saturday but it turned out to be a gorgeous morning. Addison was up at 6 and back down for her morning nap by 7:30. Oliver wasn't feeling that great so he went back to bed too but I wanted to get things 8 I had cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and done the grocery shopping! I was feeling so productive. Needless to say, we didn't want to spend all day at home cleaning so we decided to go to the park.

Addison can now sit-up. I probably should have some pictures of that, but I've been slacking. She sat up by herself for the first time on Tuesday, January 4th. She was still wobbly and when she looked up at anyone she would go toppling over. She is now able to sit up and look around and it is so cute.

We decided that since she can sit up it's time for the park swings! It is my favorite part of the park.
She loved it!
She laughed and smiled and we had a great time.
Despite the green grass and blue skies, don't be fooled, it was FREEZING!
After a few minutes on the swing her dad took her to climb through the playground equipment. Her stoic face resulted because she was really cold!
One trip down the slide and then it was back to swing with mom for a few minutes.
Although she was cold, she was still happy.
We were at the park less than 15 minutes and it started to snow so we headed home. I'm sure many more park play-dates are coming...hurry up Spring...we're waiting!


McDorky said...

She is so cute, Heidi! And I love her outfit!

Heidi said...

Oh, I miss her so much! Priceless photography you two. Looks like a perfect day at the park.