Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas Meetings

I don't know why I haven't taken pictures in RAW before...I was really upset that my cousin formatted my camera to take only RAW pics and I am finally finished converting them but it makes editing so much easier! I'm planning to re-set our camera to take both RAW+JPEG so that I have options. Please note: I would like to say that these photos are a result of bad cropping but Oliver was a little zoom happy and cut off almost every head in every picture...just one more thing for us to work on :)

So without further ado, we visited a lot of family while we were on vacation. This is Addison on Christmas day in her Christmas outfit from her grandma.
The day after Christmas we went to meet Aunt Sarah. She is the last Aunt that Addison got to meet and they loved each other!
We then went to meet Addison's great-grandparents (my dad's parents). This woman is one of my favorite people in the whole world! I only get to see my grandma once a year when we visit Oregon but we chat on the phone and her example has shaped me into the woman that I am today. I am so lucky to be close to my grandma!
My grandma's sweetheart...married 63 years this month! They gave Oliver and I their wedding china as a wedding gift and we love it. We use it for special occasions and occasional Sunday dinners. My grandparents have never broken a piece and we haven't either...yet...63 safe years and counting :) Their legacy teaches about patience, love, forgiveness, the power of family and companionship. What a wonderful example they are to our new family!
This is Addison's 4-generation picture (missing grandpa, but as close as we'll get for now). My grandma's maiden name is Starr and she was an only child of an only child and a girl so her last name ended with her...until my parents gave it to me as a middle name and we gave it to Addison as a middle name...I hope my grandma lives FOREVER!
I love these people...Addison does too...can't you tell!
My dad came to visit at Thanksgiving and we didn't take any pictures! I must have been out-of-my-mind. So we snapped one at Christmas (please forgive the missing head).
I love my family and wish that we got to see them more often. But we had an amazing visit that I wanted to finish documenting.

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