Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Morning

We had a very early Christmas morning. Addison was so far from a regular routine at my mom's house. Because there were so many people staying at my mom's house we didn't let her "cry it out" because we didn't want to wake anyone else. So I went back to feeding her in the middle of the night or letting her get up at 5:10 am...as was the case Christmas morning. (Aside, we thought we would have to suffer the consequences of this choice when we got home and have a few rough nights with a screaming baby girl, but she has slept soundly at least 11 hours every night since we got home - ANGEL BABY!)
Here we are opening stocking Christmas morning...Addison is chewing on her new friend Zoe.
She is also chewing on her hand while watching dad open his stocking...I don't know if you can see the pattern lately - CHEWING!
Cousin Kyle helped my mom play Santa by bringing everyone their gifts. He was so patient to wait for it to be his turn to open a gift...not a small feat for a two-year-old.
Since Addison started our day at 5:10 she was back down for her nap at 7. The rest of us were up for the long haul. When she woke from her morning nap she was ready to play and Kyle was willing and ready to entertain her. Her Nana had so many toys for her to play with and she was in heaven.
After some playtime we all got ready for the day and dressed in the fleeces that grandma bought. Since we weren't going to be in Utah for Christmas, Oliver's mom bought everyone matching fleece sweatshirts to wear. We were supposed to take a picture so she could send a Christmas card of everyone next year. Being the obedient set of children that we are, here is our family fleece picture. Don't you just love Addison's hat! Unfortunately, the rest of the family bah-humbugged the idea and so there won't be a family Christmas card of matching fleeces next year.
We drove to LaCenter and spent Christmas afternoon and evening with the rest of my family. Addison had squash for Christmas dinner. This is the only picture I have from that evening because my cousin changed the settings on my camera and I still haven't figured out/taken the time to change the picture format of all the other pictures.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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Deidre said...

That is too funny about the fleece! She is adorable. Glad you had a nice Christmas.