Friday, April 1, 2011

Aunt Holly Buys All The Cute Clothes

We borrow clothes from my sister at every size to fill in on some basics.  She has two boys - but Addison loves boy jammies and pants and sweatshirts!  Who can even tell the difference and who really cares when you can - they're just clothes.  I don't think there is any rule that says that she can't have trucks on her PJs.

Anyway, in the most recent batch we borrowed from Aunt Holly there were these adorable overalls.  I really need to go and get some good quality overalls because Addison has never owned any.  I looked at Old Navy (where these are from) and they don't have any right now.  Apparently, it is the wrong season.  So the day that Addison wore her overalls for the first time the weather was beautiful and it was time for some yard work.  She and her dad got ready to work in the yard and mom went to the General Young Women broadcast.
 The obviously had a fun time in the yard. 

The next day was Sunday and Oliver hasn't wanted her to wear this "dress" to church because it isn't exactly a dress.  However, mom loves it!  He is slowly learning that he isn't winning any fashion battles anytime soon!
Aunt Holly bought her this cute silky long top for Christmas and with the leggings from grandma and the shoes crocheted by my coworker she was stylin'.  I think she's a little young to make the distinction about leggings not being Sunday's either leggings or her bum hanging out for the world to see through her tights.  We'll chalk the choice up to modesty :)
Either way, she is a gorgeous growing girl!

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Evan and Holly said...

So cute!!! So cute!!! And I feel so honored. If I had a girl, she might be as stylin' as Addison.