Sunday, July 15, 2012

Camping in Logan Canyon

There is nothing better than camping in the summer.  I love the tents, the outdoors, the lack of phones/computers/ianythings/etc.  I don't even mind that it is extra work for the mom and not as relaxing as I remember as a child - it is just so fun!  We went camping with my sister and her family up Logan Canyon the weekend after the 4th of July - and as always - the kids had a blast playing together!
Eating oreos and trying to look at one camera all at the same time and smile was a hard task.
Being dirty is a huge part of camping - we played in the river everyday to count as Addison's bath though!
Addison and her dad roasting marshmallows.
Evan and Aiden at the fire.
We even got to spend a lazy morning hanging in our tent and reading stories. 
Still cute.
This was Addison's naughty rock.  She sat here when she hit or pushed or whatever.  The last day - while Oliver and I packed our car - she put herself on the naughty rock for doing who knows what.  She is obsessed with her naughty perches right now - whether they be rocks, chairs, rugs, steps, stools, or whatever.  If only she could develop some impulse control and stop hitting/biting/throwing/kicking/etc - that would be the best improvement!

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